Monday, October 17, 2011

Christian Higher Education is Not...

Christian Higher Education is not:

  • about hiding from the world.
  • about escapism.
  • the inability to have hard conversations and deep discussions that will clash with a traditional Christian view...and allowing folks to come up with contrarian views on a number of topics. 
  • intellectually dishonest.  Or at least it shouldn't be.  
  • protectionistic.
  • inauthentic.
  • a business that does not practice its core principles in its own business practices.
  • philosophical to the point of forgetting that when a mission statement says that the institution is preparing to send folks into the world to be some kind of light / Christ-representative / etc., students will not learn this by osmosis...  They must see it lived out in daily interactions and be intentionally trained how to be a good person.  
  • stupid...unless it is. 
  • embarrassing...unless a group of folks in San Antonio Texas want to protest the celebration of Halloween with "Jesus-ween," a passive aggressive attempt to shame people for worshipping Satan through dressing up like Transformers and passing out candy.
  • only for Christians. 
  • for people who only believe the same way everyone else does. 
  • for everyone except for students who are attracted to someone of the same gender. 
  • stupid. 
  • for everyone...though it should and could be be. 
~listening to Eluvium